The last games involving Usain Bolt

There was plenty of emotion at this year’s 16th World Athletics Championships, the last games involving Usain Bolt who had announced his retirement after more than 10 years breaking records on the track. The French athletes Pierre-Ambroise Bosse and Kevin Mayer were crowned world champions in the 800m and the decathlon respectively, a first for these two young athletes, just 25 years of age. Finally, at the 8th "World Para Athletics" Championships, the Moroccan runner Youssef Benibrahim put in a memorable performance to break the 5,000-metre world record.

GL events UK recently signed a three-year contract with British Athletics and provided more than sixty structures for these two world championship events, ranging from 5x5m stores to the 25x60m broadcast centre.  The Group also delivered more than 12,000m² of floor  coverings and installed an innovative wiring system suspended from London Bridge to provide Wi-Fi coverage in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.






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- A total of 64 structures including:
      A media centre measuring 25x60m, stores/boutiques, pagoda tents of 5x5m, areas for coaches/trainers, training area for athletes, medical facilities, etc.
      Services included with the structures:
      Security, volunteer-worker coordination.
- 12,500 m² of flooring.
- Tiered seating
- Podium for medals
- Public access ramp and unique personalised stairs
- An innovative wiring system suspended from London Bridge to provide Wi-Fi coverage.
- Made-to-measures desks and furniture for journalists.

Key Figures



12,500 m²

of flooring


media centre measuring 25x60m


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