The cream of European gastronomy on the road to the final

On 10 and 11 May 2016, Budapest hosted the Bocuse d’Or Europe continental selection bringing together the most talented European chefs at the Hungexpo Exhibition Park. The competition took place during the Sirha Budapest, Hungary's leading international food services trade fair, which attracted almost 400 exhibitors and 20,000 trade visitors. 

The Bocuse d’Or Europe is a key stage in the selection process for the final of this leading gourmet cooking competition which will be held in Lyon on 24 and 25 January 2017 during the Sirha Fair.

11 participants passed the qualifying round

After five hours and 35 minutes of intense concentration and precise gestures, 11 participants passed the qualifying round. First place on the podium went to Hungarian chef Tamas Széll, with second place going to the Norwegian chef Christopher William Davidsen and the third place to the Swedish chef Alexander Sjögren.

GL events’ teams were in charge of laying out the facilities for this benchmark event. From the event venue, kitchen areas and VIP boxes, to the grandstand seating for the spectators and the audiovisual equipment, everything was designed to promote this constantly evolving profession with state-of-the-art modern facilities. GL events also provided a showcase for the host country’s cuisine by creating the Taste Hungary gastro-village, a 2,600m² area with 14 restaurants, 3 pastry shops and a café. It offered the public the chance to discover Hungary’s tasty and hearty cuisine.










It offered the public the chance to discover Hungary’s tasty and hearty cuisine.


Technical description

Kitchen areas
VIP area
Gastro-village area
Speactator grandstand
Partners and sponsors boxes 
Back-stage areas

Jury table
Giant screens
Security barriers

Key Figures




identical kitchen areas, each with a surface area of 18m²


of VIP area


of Taste Hungary gastro-village area


seats of spectator grandstand


partner and sponsors boxes, each with 20 seats


giant screens (200m² surface area in total)

Bocuse d'Or Europe 2016 Bocuse d'Or Europe 2016

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